Does your office stationery impact productivity and brand image?

8 July 2019

An office space that effectively communicates your brand is one of the simplest and most effective ways to define identity and increase engagement and productivity among employees. The office stationery that you choose to supply your employees with has a big role to play in this. Stationery is not just a small detail – it’s an integral part of the way your office is set up and can support your team into greater productivity and growth.

The right supplies for the job

Fundamentally, stationery has a very practical purpose and that’s giving your employees the tools that they need to do the job well. Improving productivity depends on a range of different factors, including stationery supplies that enable employees to optimise their time, creativity and resources. Every day objects, such as pens, paper, staplers or printers can take on huge significance if they are not readily available when they are required. So, if you don’t want to take any chances with your productivity, it’s essential to acknowledge the impact that stationery can have.

Opting for quality

Cost-effective decision-making is key for a business and if you can make savings in terms of supplies then it’s often wise to do so. However, it’s also important to identify where you need to ensure a certain standard of quality, especially when it comes to office stationery. A luxury brand image, for example, can be undermined by office stationary that is cheap, breakable and not fit for purpose. This would indicate, to both employees and visiting clients, that a brand image built around high quality and luxury is only skin deep. High quality office stationery can be used to support brand values and to ensure that nothing in the office environment deviates from the reputation that you want to create.

Securing better engagement

Engaged employees feel valued by the business that they work for and know that their needs will be met. Often this takes the form of training programmes or salaries and benefits but it can also be generated by something as simple as stationery supplies. If staff have to hunt high and low for a highlighter or a red pen to carry out a simple task they may become disillusioned with the business. It may feel as if their needs don’t really matter. This can lead to a lack of motivation and a reduced willingness to go the extra mile because something as simple as the need for plentiful stationery supplies has not been met by the company. For any business, the eroding effect that this can have on productivity is simply not worth the risk.

Office stationery is a small, but essential, part of creating a positive and consistent brand image. The best place to start evaluating whether you’re on the right path with your current supplies – and supplier – is by asking your employees. Do they have what they need to excel in their current roles? Is there anything that they feel is missing? From this foundation you can start to ensure that the office stationery you’re using is supporting your brand image and the productivity of your staff too.

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