What cleaning supplies do I need for my office?

5 August 2019

Office cleanliness is essential, both from the perspective of hygiene and also aesthetics. It will send a positive message of value to the people who work for you and ensure that visiting clients or customers aren’t put off by dusty surfaces or dirty windows. However, an office space is not like a home when it comes to cleaning. A different approach – and an alternative range of products – is required.

Essential cleaning supplies for any office

Even if you’ve decided to hire the professionals to come in and clean your office it’s likely that you’ll need to ensure they have the right materials to do the job. In most office buildings this will often include:

  • Cleaning products. For example, glass cleaner and wood polish as well as something to tackle mould and mildew with. You may also need to supply bleach for hard to clean areas as well as a dedicated floor cleaner, depending on the type of floors in your office.
  • Cleaning materials. These are the tools that are required for the job, such as brillo pads and cleaning towels, dust towels and a broom. You may also need to supply a mop, depending on the set up of your building, and a brush and dustpan too.
  • Cleaning equipment. A vacuum cleaner may be essential if your office has carpeted floors. Equipment such as a cleaning cart can help to make the service that you receive for your office more efficient and don’t forget to include supplies such as trash bags and rubber gloves.

A basic cleaning schedule

Every office is different. However, ensuring a high standard of cleaning in any commercial building will usually mean taking into account the following areas:

  • The building entrance and reception. This is where first impressions are made so it’s essential to ensure that it’s dust free, uncluttered and that the bins are regularly emptied. Clear, shiny windows and swept floors will also contribute to a positive experience for anyone walking into the building.
  • Office bathrooms. Hygiene here is essential and it’s also often worth having a bathroom use policy so that employees know what the minimum standards are (e.g. putting sanitary products in a bin rather than flushing). Sinks, toilets, floors and mirrors all need to be regularly cleaned. It will also be important to empty bins and ensure supplies, such as paper towels, are regularly refilled.
  • Break rooms and kitchens. There are few things more demoralising for employees than a lack of care over the areas in the building where they go to relax during the day. So, cleaning in break rooms and kitchens is essential, from cleaning counter tops to ensuring equipment such as fridges or a microwave is well maintained and regularly wiped down. Emptying bins and throwing out old food may also be essential.

A clean office is a positive environment in which employees can thrive. Explore our full range of janitorial and facilities supplies here.