Using colour to create a productive and creative home-working environment

2 November 2020

The way that we use colour in our interiors can have a big impact on how we feel when we’re in them. It can also determine whether home working environments are calm and productive or make it difficult to concentrate and be creative. Just a few small colour changes here and there can shift the entire feel of your interiors if you know how to do it.


How to use different colours for productivity and creativity

  • Blue tones. The use of blue in interior design has been found to create a sense of calm and also to help nurture creativity. That’s especially so where that creativity is being generated in an environment where you’re brainstorming ideas – even if that’s being done via Zoom. Blue can help you to feel more relaxed in your home working environment and create a calmer atmosphere that is fertile ground for creativity and ideas to bloom.
  • Another shade that tends to be associated with a level of energy is green. If you want to make your home working space feel more tranquil then incorporating various shades of green can be a great way to do it, whether that’s paint or more natural touches of green via plants.
  • For many of us yellow is a colour we associate with upbeat optimism, confidence and satisfaction. It’s also a stimulating colour so can be useful in an area where you’re looking to be creative, to come up with new ideas and be more effective. Yellow does have a down side if you over use it – too much yellow can create anxiety or even anger so it’s often best used as an accent rather than a dominant shade.
  • One of the most stimulating colours available, red is a motivator and can really boost the energy of a space. It can make you more productive and has also been associated with greater creativity when combined with shades of blue. A red chair in an otherwise neutral environment is an easy way to incorporate this shade. Be wary of using red too much as it can over stimulate if you get the tone wrong or overwhelm the space with it – and it could even make you feel rage.
  • When it comes to creating a light, bright working environment white is probably the most obvious choice. It will not only help to maximise the feeling of space but it can also make you feel clear minded and calm. However, too much white and you might suffer from a lack of stimulation. That’s why white is often used as a background colour – for ceiling, walls etc – with brighter, bolder accents added on top or in the small details to bring the space to life.

When you’re using colour in your home working environment it can be a good idea to experiment to see what’s going to work for you. We all respond differently to colours and shade combinations – the right one could really change the way your home environment impacts you.

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