Tips for working from home: staying healthy and happy

1 May 2020

In accordance to the latest government advice, the majority of businesses are working from home, with some staff having to work remotely for the first time. While there are many steps you can take to optimise your workflow productivity at home, this article is designed to help you take the first steps to encourage a healthy work/life balance, staying healthy and happy while working from home.


Build and maintain a healthy routine

Creating a healthy routine is essential in not only maximising productivity, but also for drawing healthy boundaries when it comes to your work/life balance. Routine and familiarity are important factors in helping staff feel comfortable and confident amidst all of the sudden changes taking place around them.

Consider implementing a few of the following ideas to form the basis of a healthy daily routine;

  • Hold a team meeting at the same time every morning (e.g. 9 am sharp)
  • Discuss your workload for the day and the week ahead. Look at how you can support each other in assigning work.
  • Encourage team members to open contact channels if they have questions or run into problems throughout the day.
  • Consider touching base with your team periodically to support them.

Remember that routines require an adjustment period in order to take shape. Implementing the above ideas will help get you there sooner rather than later.


Boost team spirit

One of the most challenging aspects of working from home while in isolation is staying motivated and focussed. Without the ambience of office activity and the ability to interact with our co-workers in person, isolation can knock the wind out of our sails pretty quickly.

Try and set up your work space near a window to gain views to the outside world, and encourage the rest of your team to do the same. If this is not possible, try and encourage the idea of taking regular breaks throughout the day and stepping outside to get some fresh air. Make sure you take your lunch; this is a great opportunity to refresh your perspective and take a break.

Allowing staff to contact each other via telephone or social media is also a good way to help people stay connected. Consider setting up a company group chat where staff can interact with one another throughout the day to boost morale. Facebook or WhatsApp may be ideal.

Allow them to share their positive experiences along with the challenges they face as this will help the team bond together more strongly.


Make it interesting!

Don’t forget to turn up the music! If music helps break up the monotony having your favourite tunes playing in the background while working from home is a sure-fire way to lift the spirits – whatever works for you!

Remember to give each other plenty of encouragement and motivation by praising a job well done. Show your co-workers and team that they are valued and that their contributions are not going unnoticed.

Lastly, give your team something to look forward to. Brainstorm ideas as a group and discuss potential team outings or activities that can be scheduled when society returns to normal. Remind everyone that this situation WILL PASS and we will become stronger and more resilient by sticking together.