Time for a declutter? The benefits of using a professional shredding service

16 December 2019

With a new decade on the horizon, now is the perfect opportunity to start identifying ways to make your business more effective and efficient from 2020 onward. If your organisation suffers from poor use of space, loose data protection processes or you’re looking to make a better commitment to social responsibility next year, a professional shredding service could help. From decluttering to making your business more compliant there are a number of key benefits to partnering with a professional shredding service, now and in the decade to come.


Tightening up security

Data breaches are increasingly dominating our headlines and these are not restricted to purely digital processes. Careless disposal of documents containing sensitive data can do long-lasting damage to brand reputation. Customers and clients may view lax security as a breach of trust and migrate to other brands as a result. A professional shredding service provides regular, reliable disposal of everything, from documents to media such as memories sticks, prototypes and plans, ensuring that security is a tight as it can possibly be.


Improving business efficiency

Many organisations still rely on employees to handle the process of shredding, which is an inefficient option, both in terms of employee time and quality of shredding. It’s much faster and more efficient to work with a professional shredding partner and the results are also more reliable. Taking this type of work out of the hands of employees means they can return to the roles they were recruited for and add more value there. Plus, it removes a number of key costs from the business budget, including the upfront investment required to purchase shredding equipment and the ongoing expenses that are involved in regular maintenance and repair.


Ensuring full compliance

Recent changes to the law have made data protection a key legal priority. Regimes such as the GDPR have introduced heavy penalties for those who don’t ensure that new standards with respect to data security are being met. Without the support of a professional shredding service, many organisations find that they are simply not able to achieve the level of process security that is required for legal compliance and may face large fines as a result – as well as suffering reputational damage. It’s essential to ensure that you have made visible efforts to protect data within your business and can show a chain of custody if required. The easiest way to do this is with a shredding partner to rely on.


Social responsibility and environmental standards

Whether your brand is looking to be more socially responsible next year or you’re simply keen to enjoy the financial benefits of better recycling processes, working with a professional shredding partner gives you access to both. Not only is the recycling process more secure when professionally handled but it’s also more effective too, ensuring that your business contributes less to landfill and waste.

Working with a professional shredding service could be a transformative move for your business, opening the door to greater efficiency and more effective compliance into the next decade.