The benefits of using a managed secure shredding solution

7 October 2020

Security is a key focus today, especially where sensitive or confidential data is concerned. For most organisations, some or all of the data that is being collected or handled within the business will fall within this category and needs to be properly protected. In addition to online safeguards that help to ensure that digital data is being dealt with in a safe and compliant way, it’s essential for businesses to focus on the data in physical documents too. The only way to make sure that you’re on the right side of the law where this is concerned is to integrate shredding into your business processes – and the simplest way to do this is with a managed, secure shredding solution.


A managed, secure shredding solution – the benefits

  • Since the GDPR came into force in 2018 compliance has been a hot topic. Failure to ensure that you’re collecting, handling and disposing of data in a compliant way can mean exposing your business to significant financial penalties – up to €20 million or 4% of turnover. Responsibility for ensuring safe disposal of data lies with each individual business and there are few excuses for getting it wrong. If you want peace of mind where compliance is concerned then a managed, secure shredding solution is a great choice.
  • Prioritising business critical data. Whether you have developed prototypes that could give away the direction of your business if obtained by a competitor, or you want to ensure that your financial information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, prioritising your business-critical data and the way it is disposed of is essential. A managed, secure shredding solution ensures that documents are not left vulnerable for others to access.
  • Improving environmental commitment. Shredded paper is much easier to recycle and if you’re working with a managed, secure shredding solution with an eco-focus then you know that all of your waste paper is going to end up at a recycling plant and not in landfill. Crucially, if you’re committing to a regular schedule of shredding with a shredding provider then you’ll improve the efficiency of the way you dispose of your documents, leaving less room for a build up then ends up just going in the bin.
  • Protecting your business. From identity theft to fraud, the data that your business generates on a daily basis leaves it incredibly exposed. Any information, whether that’s the details of your payroll or your strategy and cash flow for the upcoming year could make your business vulnerable in the wrong hands. Regular shredding is an essential part of the process of protecting your business and using a managed, secure shredding solution is the optimum way to protect your key data and avoid any security breaches that could cause reputational damage or financial loss.

If you’re serious about compliance, data protection and security a managed, secure shredding solution is an essential step to take.