Having a fully equipped kitchen makes such a difference and helps with staff motivation.  It’s equally important to keep a well-stocked cupboard and fridge to ensure staff stay energised.  As well as office kitchen essentials we provide an extensive range of healthy snacks and drinks including herbal teas, gluten free snacks, fruit and nut mixes and healthy snack bars.

Catering Supplies

Prevent inconvenience and save your staff time by regularly stocking up your office kitchen through our trusted customer services team. Having everything you need to hand, can make all the difference and prevents the inconvenience of having to pop out to pick items up that can often cost more. By consolidating all your catering requirements with a single source supplier, you can reduce time wasted and free up staff to work on the more important aspects of your business.

Stay equipped with quality catering equipment and sundries including, cups, glasses, kitchen towels, paper napkins and cutlery. And if you need larger kitchen appliances such as microwaves and our stunning Jura coffee machines our team can advice on the best option for you.

Snacks, drinks, teas and coffee

Keep your office stocked up with food and drink essentials including condiments, biscuits, tea, coffee, soft drinks and treats such as chocolate bars. Learn about our range of office snacks and drinks here.

Did you know that we can also provide business catering? We work with leading catering suppliers to provide high-quality food options for business events.  Learn more