Our top 3 reasons for refreshing your office space

14 July 2022

After a tough couple of years for many businesses, workforces are starting to settle back into routines.

For many organisations these involve bringing people back to the workplace and integrating all the positive lessons learned during the pandemic with the advantages of having teams on the premises.

Refreshing your office space is a great way to help welcome people back and also mark the start of a new term for the business. These are our top 3 reasons why any business should think about doing this.

To accommodate business change

Particularly if your business is growing, an office renovation can be a key part of helping the enterprise move on to a new phase. You may need to redesign your office space to find more room for new people, to accommodate team change that has taken place during remote working or to simply give the area a fresh and inspiring feel. There are lots of benefits to refreshing your office space in times of business change, from making it more workable in terms of layout to improving the comfort or aesthetics of the interior.

To boost team morale

The spaces in which we work really do have an impact on how we feel every day and you don’t have to make huge changes to achieve a difference. For example, one study found that simply adding plants or living walls to offices decreased employee depression rates by 58% and also reduced fatigue by over a third. Improving your office space can help to attract the best new people to your business – increasingly, employees today make decisions on factors such as whether a business invests in a positive culture and environment and whether efforts have been made to ensure comfort. Plus, your staff are much more likely to want to be in the office if it’s an inspiring and comfortable place to be. Refreshing your office space is also a great way to show your people that the business is keen to invest in them and their daily experience of work.

To improve customer experience

An office refresh is a simple way to make changes that can positively impact customer experience, whether that relates to using the opportunity to upgrade all the tech in your office or making employees feel more inspired everyday. A redesigned office interior is an opportunity to ensure that your culture and values are represented by the workspace where your team spend most of their day – that’s especially important if it’s a space where customers or clients are likely to be or pass through. Think about the current experience that your business provides to customers and look for opportunities to improve that by making internal tweaks through an office redesign. For example, could you create more soundproofing for telephone customer service teams or a more inspiring waiting area for clients?

Refreshing your office space is a powerful way to embrace a new start in 2022, to mark expansion or just ensure that your premises feel aligned with everything that your brand is really about. Whilst you’re renovating make sure you take advantage of the super deduction tax scheme that enables business to claim back 130% of spend on new (or first year) business equipment. With the deadline looming for  31st March 2023 now is the time to get your refurb work underway.