Office recycling: Prioritising your business CSR

12 October 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something that customers are expecting businesses to address more than ever. The expectation is that businesses should be transparent about how they are helping to look after the planet, and being as responsible to reduce waste as possible. Whatever your business, recycling is a simple area that can put you on your first step towards building a strong CSR as a company. So how can you get started?

Use recyclable packaging

One way to make sure you are recycling is to look at your packaging design and materials. Choosing recyclable materials and materials that can be re-used, will help to contribute to your CSR. If you’re not yet in a position to move away from single-use materials such as plastic, it’s important to start the conversation with your marketing and product design teams as to what can be achieved in the short term and in the future.

Address the production process

As well as the materials used for your products, you should also look as a business at how the production and disposal process works. Are your products easy to dismantle to be able to recycle individual elements? Could this be improved? If it’s a possibility, then you will achieve a higher volume of recycling for your products at the end of their life.

Choose sustainable partners

Sustainability should also be addressed within your supply chain, and you should make sure you’re working with suppliers who are likeminded when it comes to your CSR. Choose suppliers who work to encourage recycling and reduce waste, so your products have an overall lower carbon footprint.

Reduce your consumption and waste

Recycling and CSR can also encompass water use, emissions and reducing energy consumption. Looking at how you can make every process more efficient in these areas is a huge step to building your CSR. At the same time, if you can reduce overall waste and work with recycling partners, you can show your dedication as a business to being greener.

Demonstrating your CSR to customers

If you do all of the above things to make your company greener, then you will also demonstrate your values to your customers. As this is becoming something that customers are looking into more and more, it’s even more important than ever to address your CSR and environmental impact today.

If you’re looking to get into good workplace habits to improve your CSR, see how we can help here.