How to use office furniture to keep your staff healthy and happy

6 March 2020

The health and happiness levels of your workforce tend to correlate directly to productivity, engagement, loyalty and performance. The happier and healthier your team is the more likely they are to achieve results – and the more positive the working environment will be. The furniture that you choose for your office can have much more of an impact on this than many businesses imagine. If you’re going to bear this in mind when designing your interiors then it’s important to understand what makes a working environment constructive and comfortable.

Furniture that supports good posture

Staff spend a lot of time sitting at work and that can create a number of issues. Furniture that isn’t supportive might result in hours spent slouching or straining and that can lead to repetitive strain injuries, pulled muscles and a range of aches and pains. Investing in good quality office furniture can have a very positive impact on staff health and happiness. Desk chairs should be supportive of hips and back and positioned close to the desk so that there is no need to lean.

An adjustable workstation

We are all made differently and one work-space set up is unlikely to work for everyone. Ensuring that the workstations you design for staff are adjustable will mean that everyone can make changes to accommodate their own height, weight and preferences. Giving people options in this way means that you’re much more likely to keep staff happy and ensure that they are able to remain healthy even if they are working long hours.

Sit/stand desks

Sitting down for hours every day has been associated with a range of physical issues for humans, from gaining weight to aches and pains all over the body. The sit/stand desk wasn’t even a mainstream option a decade ago but today is becoming a more widespread choice because of the more active approach to working that it offers. Most sit/stand desks can be adjusted to both levels so that employees can choose to sit or stand at different times throughout the day.

An element of comfort

There is a big correlation between levels of comfort and productivity in an office – uncomfortable furniture can be distracting and the injuries that it can cause can reduce productivity. Ergonomic furniture and workstations that have been designed in the right way can help to lessen muscle fatigue, as well as reducing the likelihood and severity of musculoskeletal disorders. Creating comfortable break out areas in your office is another great way to keep your workforce happy and healthy. In particular, this will offer employees different spaces in which to work so that they are not sitting in the same position at the same desk all day – it will also provide opportunities to take sociable breaks.

The furniture that you choose when you’re designing, or improving, your office space can have a big impact. The right pieces will support a healthier and happier workforce that is more productive and engaged. Get in touch for more advice on how to improve your office environment.