How to save money with a Managed Print Service (MPS)

19 February 2020

While moving towards a greener and less paper-driven environment is a priority for many businesses, for now, printing remains a key need. It’s also a considerable business expense and a function that can impact across the business, whether that’s on productivity, workflow or ROI. A Managed Print Service offers an opportunity to streamline the way your business handles printing and to optimise it for need only basis.


Managed Print Service (MPS) – what’s involved?

The ultimate aim of MPS is to enable your business to run more effectively and to help reduce downtime and cost. It is a bespoke assessment that takes into account the current restrictions and opportunities within your business, devices available and the habits and methods that your enterprise currently employs. The end result is an individually tailored solution to streamline print and post processes that can be adapted as the business changes.


How to save money with Managed Print Service (MPS)

  • Improving security – Since the arrival of the GDPR in 2018 the focus on data protection has been significantly increased. Printing is one process that can leave a business incredibly vulnerable to security breaches if not properly managed by keeping optimum security in mind. A MPS helps to ensure that your business is not taking unnecessary security risks when it comes to printed data that could open it up to prosecutions, penalties and significant fines.
  • Streamlining current processes – The cost saving benefits of a MPS are many. For example, adding in document management solutions to an existing printer could increase productivity and also save around a third on document costs. Effective printer solutions help to considerably improve the way that printing tasks are handled using tools such as automation to increase effectiveness and make it easier for your business to be more productive.
  • Applying a bespoke solution that fits with individual business need – A MPS is designed to be tailored specifically for the print needs of your business. This analysis is something that is rarely carried out in-house – and if it is may not be a particularly constructive use of the IT team’s time. However, such analysis can help your business to save money in a myriad of ways by assessing whether existing print resources are appropriate for the needs of the business. A full evaluation of your existing print environment and the way documents are handled can be used to reduce wasted resources and help you work towards your ideal future environment.
  • Proactive management – With a MPS, monitoring of your printer fleet is handled by your print partner. This not only removes the burden of these tasks but can also help to ensure that downtime from issues, such as running out of printer ink or repairs required as a result of a lack of ongoing maintenance, is minimised.

There are many ways to enable your business to save money with a MPS. From avoiding the fines that may result from poor data protection to ensuring that the resources you have are appropriate to need, a MPS can help to streamline your print environment to support productivity and growth.