How do promotional products benefit businesses?

15 July 2019

An effective marketing strategy today needs to include a range of different components. Promotional products are a great way to attract attention to your business and there is a lot of evidence to suggest that they do actually work. For example, 60% of people who receive a promotional product keep them for at least two years [1]. Plus 85% of people who receive a promotional product will go to the brand doing the advertising if they need products or services from that particular niche [1]. And 89% will remember a brand for up to two years after receiving a promotional product [1]. If you’re considering investing in promotional products for your business these are some of the benefits they can generate.

Extended exposure

There’s a reason why people tend to remember a brand from a promotional product – because those products stick around. Whereas a social media ad or a billboard are only viewed for a matter of seconds, promotional products provide extended exposure as they are regularly used, seen or worn. 76% of people remember the name of a brand they received an item like this from in the past year, as compared to 53.5% of people who can recall the name of a brand they saw a TV ad for over the past week [1].

Improving brand recognition

Instant brand recall is the goal for many marketing teams today. However, it’s not that easy to achieve. Brand recognition – for example a blue bird = Twitter or a social networking platform – is something that B2B businesses especially tend to struggle with. Building brand recognition can be a slow and steady process but there are methods available to increase effectiveness – such as using promotional products. These items are the ideal way for consumers to remember your business and to help boost brand recall. This will lead to improved brand recognition, consumers who can recall your products from just a glimpse of the logo etc. The impact of promotional items stays with consumers for at least six months, providing a way to establish a level of positive recall and recognition on which you can build.

Boosting loyalty

Customers will be loyal to a brand that clearly values them and promotional items can be a great way to communicate this. The only caveat is to ensure that the products you use are good quality, useful and well thought through. If they are, then all of these attributes will also become associated with your brand in the mind of the consumer.

Making an impact for a new business

Exciting promotional products are a great way to introduce your business to a new market and to make it memorable. They are so much more effective, for example, than flyers or business cards.

Cost effective marketing that works

Promotional items are available for just about any budget and are designed to achieve results. A low-cost high-payoff campaign could be transformative in terms of increasing audience size and boosting profile. Some promotional products are thought to be more effective than others – for example, mugs branded with a logo and messaging have been found to significantly improve brand recall.

Promotional products can be a great investment, whether you’re just starting out, need a boost in visibility or you’re getting ready to launch a new marketing campaign. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch or explore our range of promotional products here.

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[1] According to research from Promotional Products Association International