Frighteningly fun Halloween facts with MBM Omega

31 October 2019

Here at MBM Omega, we’re getting into the Halloween spirit with some Halloween facts! (Or should I say Hallowe’en, as it’s traditionally spelt) If you’re looking for some spooky conversation starters this Halloween, take a look at our facts below.

1. Did you know that 99% of all pumpkins sold are used as Jack O’ Lanterns at Halloween? We’ve come a long way from the first Jack O’ Lanterns, which were made out of hollowed out turnips. On that note, you might be surprised to learn that pumpkins are actually a type of squash, and they come from the same family of vegetables as the cucumber.

2. Modern Halloween celebrations are a mashup of cultures, with origins in the Celtic Samhain, and the Roman Feralia. Halloween also takes great inspiration from the Catholic holiday All Saint’s Day, where they celebrate those who have gone to heaven.

3. When it comes to traditions, you likely think of dressing up in costumes and going trick or treating. This likely evolved from the medieval tradition of souling, where people would go around the neighbourhood knocking on doors and asking for food in return for praying for their dead relatives.

4. Black cats are a common sight at Halloween, but where does this come from? This likely originates from the Celtic Samhain festival, where priests believed that cats could help predict the future.

5. Despite the spooky reputation, Halloween could have had romantic themes in the past. Robert Burn’s wrote a poem called Halloween, talking about romantic traditions such as writing the names of couples on hazelnuts and roasting them to indicate a long and happy life together. In the 21st century however, Halloween has become more commercial. In fact, Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, have a happy and safe Halloween, and if you’re looking for a frighteningly good catering for an office party, or simply looking to stock up on office supplies, get in touch today.

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