Do promotional products really work?

21 October 2019

Any business, large or small, will commit significant annual spend to advertising and marketing. However, many simply don’t see a tangible return on that investment. This is often the consequence of putting resources into the wrong place. If you’re investing in promotional products then you’re highly likely to see results – 79% of consumers who receive a promotional product will go on to research a brand, 80% will remember the messaging and 70% will remember the call to action. Plus, promotional products are ranked first as the most effective form of advertising for a fast reaction from consumers across the ages. So, why do they work so well?


More memorable than a business card

No matter how exceptional the design of a business card it’s never going to be as memorable as a promotional product. Both offer a way to introduce your brand to someone but while business cards may end up in a pile on a desk, or in the bin, promotional products are often useful, interesting or entertaining and so tend to stand out as a reminder of your business.


A boost to brand recognition

With the right choice of item, design and logo placement, promotional products will trigger greater recall of your brand. Nearly 90% of people will remember an advertiser for up to two years after receiving a promotional product from them. Products that are genuinely useful, stick around and every time they’re used it’s another opportunity to bring your brand to the forefront of the person’s mind.


Value for money marketing

Low cost promotional products deliver significant returns and are a very effective marketing tool. To put that into figures, around 85% of people who receive a promotional product go on to do business with that brand afterwards. That’s the kind of return on investment that is difficult to achieve with many marketing methods. Many promotional products have low production costs but make a big impact – which is exactly the kind of equation any business can benefit from.


Ongoing exposure

Depending on the products that you choose to invest in these marketing tools will provide ongoing exposure for your brand. For example, promotional mugs can sit on office desks, not only reminding the original recipient of your organisation but triggering interest from others who pass by too. Most people tend to keep promotional products for around two years, which is a significant window for your marketing to take effect.


Cementing loyalty

Customer loyalty is a foundation of brand building and promotional products help to create fans. The right products can make your brand the first recall for customers looking for your specific products or services and give them a reason to come back. High quality, useful merchandise can also help to reinforce messages of credibility and trust.

If you’re considering promotional products for your business these are just a few of the reasons why they really work. To find out more, give us a call today on 020 8899 1100.