We offer a genuine single source for all business requirements, allowing clients to streamline processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Clients benefit from our specialist experience, trust our intelligent advice and value our dynamic approach to business.

Passion and knowledge

As well as providing the day-to-day office supplies that keep your business moving, we also offer bespoke sourcing services to meet individual needs as they arise. Whatever your requirement, our vast range of office products and long-standing relationships with specialist business service partners guarantee the best solutions available.

We work closely with our clients to ensure our office supplies and business support services are totally aligned with your needs. We’re flexible and innovative, adapting our systems and reporting procedures to accommodate your specific requirements. To simplify communication, you deal with a single point of contact, who takes the time to understand your business. They’re backed by a hands-on support team, so you always get an end-to-end service that’s totally accountable.

Our people drive our business and we’ve created a working environment where everyone can thrive. We support all our team in realising their potential because it’s their passion, knowledge and progressive thinking that drives the consistent first-class service and innovative solutions our clients value so highly.

MBM Omega values

Our values were defined by our employees and are the guiding principles for how we interact with our clients, our suppliers, the community and each other:

“We are friendly, helpful and positive

Supportive of each other and our clients

We have a passion for being exceptional”