Why you should be cleaning your office more regularly

14 April 2022

The return to work ‘post-covid’ is now well under way. However, for many employees concerns and fears remain that could impact the way that people behave in the office, as well as overall motivation and morale. Productive workplaces must still be designed around covid caution – and giving staff the reassurance they need about their own wellbeing. That’s why clearing your office more often needs to be a key priority.

Research urges caution

Research focused on working conditions post-covid found that more than half of those surveyed would be happy never to go back into the office. One of the major factors for this was a fear of germs and almost a third of those who took part in the research identified “not enough communal cleaning” as having a big impact on how they felt about returning to work. These aren’t just unfounded fears either, as the threat of the virus – and its mutations – remains very real. For many employers, cleaning the workplace more regularly is an obvious step to take, not just to ensure a cleaner and more hygienic space but to give employees the reassurance that they need as well.

Hygiene is much more of a priority

Although most of us have always functioned with a basic level of hygiene, this has become more of a priority during the past two years. Everything, from hand washing to cleaning rotas has come under the spotlight due to the potential consequences for contracting the virus if standards slip. With 56% of staff already feeling anxious about being back in the office and 24% going so far as to say this was making them feel “stressed,” there are clear indications for any business that staff need to see hygiene being prioritised in order to feel supported.

Strict cleaning schedules make employees feel secure

70% of people say that they would feel comfortable returning to the office where there are strict cleanliness rules in place. Around a quarter of people say that this means a professional clean on a daily basis. It’s also interesting to note that employees are very observant of how clean the office spaces that they occupy really are and almost half of those who responded to the research said that they didn’t feel their offices were clean enough prior to the pandemic. Among the top 10 measures that employees want to see in offices are a daily clean, a monthly deep clean and plenty of cleaning products made available so that employees can sanitise their own spaces.

A focus on cleaner spaces

Trust is vital for workforces today and being able to guarantee that your office is genuinely clean will reassure employees and help to maintain ongoing relationships. This means ensuring that your office is regularly receiving a full professional clean, as well as implementing cleanliness standards that ensure employees are also taking steps to keep their own spaces hygienic.

From building trust to demonstrating how much the business values employees – and their cleanliness concerns – it’s essential to look at whether you should be cleaning your office more regularly in a post-covid world. Find out how MBM Omega can help keep your office clean through our hygiene and washroom supplies…