Why is confidential paper shredding important?

21 August 2019

Secure document disposal has become a crucial component in enabling businesses to protect themselves. It’s not just the risk that is posed by those looking to steal documents or data that is essential to bear in mind but also the legal consequences for a lack of compliance with requirements such as those in the GDPR. Confidential paper shredding is the only way to ensure that your physical data can’t become compromised – there are some very good reasons to invest in this for your enterprise.

Securing your business data

It’s not just in the digital landscape that your business data is vulnerable to attack. Cybercriminals tend to generate all the headlines today but paper documents not properly disposed of present a huge risk to an organisation. It doesn’t necessarily need to be someone raiding your recycling bins looking for data to steal either – a disgruntled employee or someone who just puts the wrong document into the wrong bin can leave the business equally exposed to fraud or theft if you don’t have confidential shredding policies and processes in place.

Ensuring legal compliance

When the GDPR came into force last year it instantly increased the requirements for businesses to ensure that data is carefully handled and properly disposed of. The responsibility for securely disposing of data, whether that is employee payroll documents, confidential client information or customer data, falls squarely on the business. Due to the size of the fines that the ICO can impose as a result of the GDPR (up to €20 million or 4% of turnover), it’s simply not worth taking the risk when it comes to data disposal – the only way to ensure this is comprehensive is to have confidential paper shredding in place. When documents are shredded, the information in them is completely destroyed and anyone it relates to is protected.

Confidential and sensitive data

Every enterprise has information that is business critical and which, in the wrong hands, could compromise growth or competitiveness. That could be data relating to prototypes or plans, or strategy and projections. It’s especially important to ensure that any documents that refer to confidential or sensitive data are shredded as soon as possible once they are no longer required to ensure that these can’t be used to benefit competitors in any way.

The need for CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a big theme today among consumers and many are starting to make choices about which companies they buy from based on those that have a robust CSR policy in place. There are many different components to CSR but one is the environmental focus of the business and the way that it deals with every day waste. Shredded documents are much simpler to recycle and ensure that nothing ends up in landfill. Introducing a shredding policy can support the development of CSR at your business and help to attract customers who are looking for organisations with better eco credentials.

These are just some of the reasons why confidential paper shredding is crucial for any business today.

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