Why are desk screens essential in the workplace?

10 November 2020

Getting back to work during the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a lot of challenges but perhaps the most significant is how to create socially distant workplaces. Most of the offices we work in today were not designed to keep employees physically separate and avoid transmission of a virus. One of the simplest ways to make any office space more COVID-safe is to use desk screens. These simple features are easy to install and have a lot of benefits when it comes to making the workplace a safer place to be.

Adapting to the new normal

Social distancing requirements aren’t going to be a short-term measure. Although we don’t know how long COVID-19 is likely to be a factor in daily life there is no doubt that it’s here to stay for now. So, it’s essential that every workplace finds ways to adapt to the new normal, which includes steps to effectively reduce the potential for transmission of the virus throughout the office. Desk screens protect your people and your customers and are a very visible demonstration of the steps you’re taking to prioritise this.

They are a flexible option

Desk screens can be designed for virtually any space, whether you need full-length screens or smaller pieces that cover just the head and shoulders. Not only that but they can also be moved and repositioned depending on where they need to be used. They are an incredibly flexible option that can be adapted to the way your workplace is designed and what your staff need.

Hygiene is simple

Cleaning and improving standards of hygiene have become a major priority as COVID-19 has progressed. Acrylic and glass screens are very simple to clean and help to ensure that these key standards can be maintained. Most will have an antimicrobial surface coating applied, which can help to further reduce the potential for the spread of the virus. When combined with an effective and deep clean of other areas of the office, such as door handles, reception counters and lift buttons they are a key tool in helping to stop the virus spread.

Natural light and environment

One of the major benefits of acrylic desk screens is that they are clear and so there is no restriction on natural light in the workspace. Natural light is key, not just when it comes to productivity and engagement but also employee motivation and mental health. The transparency of the screens means that employees can see one another and don’t feel shut in. They will provide effective protection against sneezes and coughs transmitting the virus from one person to another, without sacrificing the working environment to achieve this.

Desk screens are one of the most essential measures for any workplace in the world we now occupy, where COVID-19 remains a very real threat. They are practical, easy to clean and very effective as well as ensuring that you can maintain a comfortable office environment and avoid making staff feel shut in or shut off from those around them.

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