What are the benefits of sustainable and ethical purchasing for businesses and customers?

25 May 2021

The ‘greening’ of purchasing and procurement can have significant benefits for any business and its customers. This is a strategy that is being adopted among organisations, large and small, and also on a national level with governments such as The People’s Republic of China investing heavily in green procurement. The impact of this approach goes much further than just the sustainable and ethical purchasing choices made within governments and business – it also has a knock-on effect on broader green consumption too.

Why opt for sustainable and ethical purchasing?

  • Legal compliance. From local regulation and legislation to international law, legal frameworks are increasingly being adjusted to reward sustainable and ethical choices and penalise those that don’t fall into this category.
  • A more ethical approach to waste. Green purchasing means a business generates less waste, is making choices that protect natural resources and minimises the waste of its own internal resources.
  • More positive relationships. A focus on ethical partnerships ensures transparency up and down the supply chain, avoiding associations with exploitative working practices that may not sit well with customers, or internally.
  • Boosting environmental credentials. Sustainable and ethical purchasing can enable a business to meet key targets such as reducing carbon footprint, better waste management and minimising environmental impact. Many customers today seek out brands that are visibly and proactively doing this.

Options for implementing sustainable and ethical purchasing

There are many different ways for any business of any size to begin taking steps towards more sustainable and ethical purchasing choices. These are some of the initiatives currently implemented – and being put in place – at MBM Omega that have enabled us to help clients to change their approach to purchasing decisions.

  • Green audits. This is a simple, thorough review of the business’ existing product choices and an exploration of alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.
  • Single Use Plastic (SUP) audits. One of the simplest ways for any organisation to make more sustainable purchasing choices is to minimise buying single use plastics. There are many innovative alternatives available and a SUP audit can present all the options.
  • Carbon footprint review. This process involves calculating and measuring existing carbon footprint and identifying the opportunities to minimise it and offset where possible.
  • Closed loop recycling. Products that are used, recycled and then get made into a new product have gone through the closed loop recycling process. Because these products don’t ever enter landfill they are a much more sustainable choice.
  • Recycling. MBM Omega designs bespoke recycling solutions for clients that implement compliant and efficient ethical waste management, designed to minimise landfill and boost environmental credentials.
  • Eco product search. Currently in development is a unique 3 tier product eco-grading system which will allow sustainable/eco MBM Omega products to be searched online based on how green they are.

Sustainable and ethical choices aren’t just something that MBM Omega advocates for clients – the firm has implemented this internally too. From the use of 100% green energy throughout the business to a cycle to work scheme and future plans for hybrid/electric vehicle fleets, MBM Omega is as committed to a more sustainable and ethical future as our clients.