Toner Recycling

The average original toner cartridge consumes approximately three and a half litres of oil during the manufacturing process and yet in the majority of cases the cartridge is simply thrown away where it sits in landfill despite the huge price that may have been paid to initially manufacture it. We operate a free and uncomplicated collection service to help you cut your businesses CO2 emissions. Whether you have one or hundreds of units, we will work with you to dispose of your cartridges responsibly.

To order your FREE recycling box, contact the recycling team on 01635 588600 and ask for the Q-Connect recycling programme.

To arrange FREE collection of your full box call 01635 588600 or email

*Please note that our service only collects toner cartridges, drum units and inkjet cartridges and that under the WEEE Directive 2016, it is the responsibility of the producer of Toner Bottles and Waste Bins to recycle these items.

All collections are processed within the UK and all cartridges are accepted regardless of make and model. Undamaged, re-usable cartridges are packed, stored and sent for re-use. Broken and non-usable cartridges are sent to a dedicated partner to be given an end-of-life solution. These are broken down and separated into raw materials such as plastic, metals, and toner which are re-used in various injection moulding processes.

  • Collections are completed within 3 working days
  • Compliant with all the current environmental and waste regulations
  • Shipments are processed within the UK under ISO 14001 regulations
  • Goods are sent for re-use first and recycling second

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager, or the Client Service Team on 020 8899 1100.