Toner and Ink Cartridge Recycling

We provide recycling boxes free of charge for your used toner and ink cartridges.

How it works
We will deliver your free recycling box direct to your office and collect your used toner and ink cartridges once they are full.

Get a box
To order your FREE recycling box, contact our recycling team

Fill your box

  • Fill the supplied box with any brand of inkjet or toner cartridge (15 max)
  • Please remove all packaging beforehand
  • Once full secure the box shut
  • Arrange a collection
  • Print and write the collection information emailed to you and stick on the top of the box
  • Place box(es) in a reception/goods-in area on the ground floor ready for collection
  • Ensure the courier collects the correct box(es)

3 ways to arrange box delivery or pick up
Tel: 01184 666 333
Web: How it works

After your collection
Once your box has been received at the recycling depot you will be emailed the waste transfer note. Copies of waste transfer notes and breakdown reports can be requested by phone, email, or through the website.

How we recycle your cartridges

  • Undamaged, re-usable cartridges are recorded and sorted according to brand and re-usability.
  • Re-usable cartridges are re-manufactured and re-used
  • Damaged and non-reusable cartridges are broken down and separated into raw materials such as plastic, metals and toner. They are then re-used in other industries
  • Our processes and procedures are compliant with current environmental and waste regulations
  • All goods are sent for re-use first and recycling second

For assistance contact our Client Service Team on 020 8899 1100