Office Flowers & Plants

Create a stunning office environment with our beautiful office plants and flowers. We can source almost any plant, as well as recommend the best plants or flowers for your workplace and brand.

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Office Plants & Flowers

Studies have proven that plants in office spaces can help lift staff mood, as well as increase productivity and creativity. So, when you introduce live plants and flowers into your workplace, you’re not just creating a visually appealing environment, but you’re also helping to give back to your staff.

Working in a natural environment helps people stay positive, comfortable and happy. This allows you to enjoy higher productivity, decreased turnover, and less sickness days taken by staff.

How does it work?

We partner with one of the UK’s leading providers of flowers and office plants to offer an unrivalled range of plants and flower arrangement. We’ll work with you to find plants and flowers that complement your office design, colour scheme and space, adding colour and creating a stunning focal point for any office.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

More and more people are appreciating the importance of plants in the workplace. Not only do they look good and lift the spirits, but they are also very effective at purifying and freshening the air. Plants add visual impact to any workspace, inside or out, and the wide variety of species, colours, shapes and sizes lend themselves to innovative, creative and beautiful displays. Correctly planted and properly maintained, plants are a stunning addition to any workspace.

Artificial Plants

If living plants are not an option, then artificial ones can provide an excellent alternative. Available to lease or buy, they are ideal for those workspaces and environments, inside or out, which are not able to support live plants.
The quality and range of these plants is exceptional, and it is difficult to tell them apart from the real thing. Artificial plants offer a flexible, low cost, minimum maintenance solution.

Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers are a fantastic alternative to plants if you want something that can be replaced frequently to add colour and impact.

With our corporate flower service, you can either opt for fresh flowers every week, or a quarterly change of artificial flowers, depending on your budget and taste.  Fresh or artificial, we’ll supply you with some of the most creative and beautiful corporate flower displays you can imagine.