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Recent contract wins for MBM Omega!

26 May 2021

Although it’s been a tough time for a lot of businesses out there, it’s still crucial to invest in new business initiatives.

New business is one part of a solid business development strategy that evolves over time depending on the objectives of the company. They predominantly centre around ideas and actions to grow and add value to a business. Sales often lead to closing a deal, whereas business development encompasses a broader approach to ensure long term growth. Relationship building, brand awareness and greater market share are all types of such strategies.

Focussing on new business strategies in this piece, MBM Omega embarked on a new lead generation campaign from January 2021 and the results have been extremely positive. Clearly, a strong message is essential as well as an efficient process for making that initial contact. Thereafter it’s all down to the responsiveness and aptitude of the business to guide potential customers through your range of solutions addressing their issues. Generally if someone has no pain points – making a reason to appoint a new supplier difficult – then you probably haven’t probed enough (or asked enough questions!).

While there’s no arguing, business volumes in a lot of sectors have been affected by the pandemic there are still opportunities out there for businesses that remain positive, proactive and have a relevant message to help solve their customers problems and add true value.

We are fortunate enough to have created dozens of new customer relationships across a broad spectrum of sectors since the inception of this campaign and for anyone wondering whether now is the time to invest – take it from us, now is not the time to pull up the drawbridge on marketing initiatives. If budgets permit, invest what you can afford into good, well thought out, campaigns and your hard work will be rewarded!