Office space trends for 2022

11 February 2022

The way we occupy office spaces has been completely transformed by the events of the past two years. From the impact of technology to the effects of the pandemic and the ongoing ripples relating to more of a focus on employee wellness, innovation and flexible working – change continues to happen. This is making a significant contribution to office space trends for 2022.

More innovation

From smart buildings to more integrated technology that allows for health monitoring or the provision of greater wellness activities, innovation is a big trend in office space for this year. Sensors to help with social distancing, digital systems for room booking and buildings that make inherently better use of heat and light are all part of this trend.

Zero office space

The switch to remote working highlighted an opportunity for a more agile approach for some businesses. As a result, many have not returned their workforce to the workplace – or are looking to take a much more hybrid approach to office time.

Multi-functional spaces

Today, a single environment may be where multiple, varied tasks are tackled and the workplace needs to be able to adapt to that. Productivity segregation is now being replaced by shared areas where the focus is on fostering greater collaboration and nurturing that innovative spark. This means rethinking the way that offices are occupied today, introducing more versatile components – such as modular furniture that can be arranged to accommodate different activities – and a range of equipment. Transforming desktops and divider screens create more options when it comes to how much scope there is for creativity and collaboration in one single office space.

Bold aesthetics

The return to the office post-pandemic is an opportunity for many enterprises to rethink the work space, resulting in investment in some pretty bold aesthetics. Gone are the commitments to black, white and grey furniture and colour schemes. Instead, we’re seeing bold primary colours and eye-catching art and design with patterns, colours and shapes that are intended to spark creativity and joy.

Environmentally friendly design elements and materials

For many businesses today, values and vision are increasingly focused on being a more sustainable and eco-conscious business. Office spaces contribute hugely to this, as design can have a big impact on energy efficiency and furniture can be central to how effective an organisation is when it comes to waste. Some of the simplest examples of this include choosing to opt for second-hand equipment or recycled furniture, as well as materials and pieces that come with sustainability guarantees. Consciousness of energy efficiency is also a big influence on the setup of office spaces in 2022, as well as the way that waste is generated and managed.

A home-from-home theme

Perhaps because of the amount of time we’ve all spent in home offices over the past year or so, one of the office space trends for 2022 is bringing homely touches into workplaces. Here, the focus is on more natural, relaxed lighting, softer shades and colour schemes and furniture that feels relaxed and comfortable.

From a more environmentally friendly design to bolder aesthetics, these are some of the biggest office space trends that 2022 is already bringing in.