Top 8 New Year’s purchasing resolutions

31 December 2015

2016There are many theories as to who first started the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. Evidence shows that at least 4,000 years ago the ancient Babylonians made resolutions, although theirs were in March. Since then history has many instances of different cultures using the opportunity to start anew.

Today we are no different. In January many businesses come back after the festive season full of good intentions, planning to start afresh and put in place new ideas. As supply partners, we see this as a great opportunity to work with our clients to review what has worked well in the past and also what needs changing for the future. Some clients may want to take the opportunity to boost their eco-purchasing habits by ordering more online, or switching to green alternatives. Others want to change or implement new purchasing procedures.

We’ve compiled a quick list of some of the things purchasing managers might want to put on their New Year’s resolution list:

  • Tighten up on who orders what
  • Provide clear purchasing budgets
  • Switch to green alternatives
  • Consolidate suppliers
  • Introduce a new service, for example implement a managed print service (MPS)
  • Manage costs
  • Measure value
  • Spend less time managing purchasing decisions

If you want to take the opportunity to make improvements in 2016 do give us a call. We’re brimming with bright ideas to help you get 2016 off to a flying start.

Diane Green, marketing manager, MBM Omega