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MBM introduces new 100% recycled cardboard business card box

19 September 2019

In terms of the impact that office furniture Here at MBM Omega, we’re dedicated to reducing any negative impact that our business has on the environment. As part of our drive to use eco-friendly packaging for all our products, I am delighted to announce that we are now supplying our clients’ business cards in a cardboard box instead of a one-time use plastic box.


Adopting recycled packaging

The new boxes are made from 100% recycled and unbleached cardboard, making them environmentally friendly. We are pleased to be bringing this development to our customers, and we are pleased to be doing our part to help decrease the negative impact that businesses can have on our environment.


Eco-friendly, sturdy and functional

The new business card boxes are designed to be just as sturdy as the previous boxes, and the business cards securely fit into the box so you can store your cards in the same way as a plastic box. Clients can also opt for eco-friendly business cards made from 100% recycled card and biodegradable finishes. Contact your account manager to find out more.


Leading providers of environmentally friendly printing services

MBM Omega are leading providers of a range of professional printing and managed print services, offering environmentally friendly solutions for your business. We can take care of each step of the process, creating a smooth process from start to finish, as well as offering solutions for a host of other business requirements. Call us on 0208 899 1100 to discuss your requirements.