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Making the switch to eco-friendly lighting to help improve our impact on the environment

25 September 2020

At MBM Omega, the environment is one of our core values within our business. We work hard to ensure that we operate in an eco-friendly manner, reducing our business waste and supporting a range of charitable causes dedicated to supporting the local community and wildlife. As part of our ongoing environmental efforts, we are pleased to announce that we have now switched all of the lighting in our office and warehouses to low-energy, eco-friendly LED lamps.


LED lighting

LED light bulbs are much more energy efficient than typical halogen or incandescent bulbs, producing the same amount of light for much less energy. For example, a 6-watt LED bulb can produce as much light as a 40-watt incandescent bulb while using 85% less energy.

When you scale this across our offices and warehouses, running 5-7 days a week for almost 365 days a year, this adds up to a significant energy saving. So, by switching all of our lights out for energy-efficient LED lights, we are able to drastically reduce the amount of energy that we consume, helping to reduce our environmental impact.


Our environmental commitment

We hold the ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification which underpins our on-going commitment to identifying, controlling and improving the environmental impact of our activities, products and services. This is reflected in every area of our business and is monitored by a system of regular audits and backed by a programme of continuous development.


How we help our clients

We help our clients make environmentally responsible buying decisions by highlighting and advising on the environmentally friendly product and service options within our range and we are continuously expanding our choice of greener alternatives. This includes reviewing their supplies and finding environmentally friendly alternatives, as well as consolidating orders to reduce unnecessary deliveries and packaging.

Find out more about our environmental commitments here. To see how MBM Omega can help you reduce your environmental impact, get in touch today or call us on 020 8899 1100.