How investing in your office furniture impacts on productivity

7 October 2021

The environment that you create for your employees has never been more important. There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that the right space and furniture can have a huge impact on how efficiently employees work and how productive they are. As teams return to the office post-COVID, now is the ideal moment to rethink the investment you make in your office interiors to ensure that they are as effective as they can be.

Comfort is key

You don’t have to look far to find research that shows just how important comfort is to employees in the workplace so this should be a priority when it comes to office furniture. Employees who are experiencing problems with backache or muscle pains as a result of poorly made chairs and desks, for example, are much less likely to be productive. Investing in supportive, comfortable furniture can improve productivity rates and help to minimise absenteeism that results from being uncomfortable at work.

Focus on functionality and noise control

The furniture that you choose for your office environment should reflect all its potential uses. Be mindful of all the different needs of those who will be using the space and choose pieces that offer flexibility, both in terms of movement and adjustment. In particular, make sure your office furniture isn’t creating unnecessary disturbances, for example squeaky chairs that could disrupt concentration.

During periods of working from home, knowledge workers have become used to quiet and research has shown that acoustic privacy is a top priority for high performing corporate workspaces to attract and keep staff satisfied.

Storage that creates space to work well

A cluttered and messy workspace doesn’t encourage greater productivity, which is why it’s so essential to invest in storage options for your office. That could be something as simple as shelves and cupboards for individual workspaces so that they are easy to keep tidy. You may also want to consider lockers for personal belongings so that staff don’t leave these on, or under, their desks.

Clean lines and modern design can be inspiring

There is no doubt that employees make judgments about their value to a business based on the environment that they are given to work in. Staff who feel valued tend to be more engaged with the organisation they are working for and more invested in its future success. If your office furniture is out of date, unappealing, inconsistent or doesn’t function well then this sends the wrong message to employees. They may find the overall effect of this type of furniture demotivating. On the other hand, investing in clean, modern design that is innovative and comfortable can make employees feel valued, inspired and much more motivated to get things done.

Don’t forget the small details

Adding careful details to your office can boost employee mood and morale and make the workspace feel like a much more pleasant place to be. That could be a comfy sofa in a breakout area, inspiring artwork for the walls or real or imitation plants dotted around the office to bring a splash of green into the environment.

The investment you make in your office furniture can have a significant impact on the way employees experience it – and how productive they are as a result. Find out how MBM Omega can help you update your office interior to make it a more productive environment for your employees…