Finding the right stationery supplier for your office

19 September 2019

In any business it’s the relationships that you establish that determine how smoothly operations function on a day-to-day basis. Working with the right stationery supplier can make life a lot easier. Not only will a robust partnership provide peace of mind when it comes to quality but you’ll also be able to depend on standards of service and value for money too. So, what do you need to bear in mind when it comes to finding the right stationery supplier for your office?


The cheapest is not always the best

There is a big difference between achieving value when it comes to your stationery supplies and simply paying as little as possible. Rock bottom prices often turn out to be a false economy, either because the supplier is not dependable or the stationery is such poor quality that it has to be replaced before it can be used. Paper is a great example of this – low grade paper can cause issues with office equipment (paper jams etc.) and is unlikely to make a positive impression on customers or clients who are receiving documents like letters or agendas. It often makes sense to build a relationship and invest slightly more in the right stationery supplier to ensure that you have the support to achieve the results you’re looking for.


Look out for opportunities for greater efficiency

Simple supplier relationships are the easiest to maintain. Working with the right stationery supplier can free up your business from time-consuming ordering processes and help to avoid frustrating shortages that can cause productivity delays. Establishing a relationship with an approved supplier and setting out the protocols for maintaining equipment and re-ordering supplies ensures that those working within your business don’t get held back by unclear or inefficient processes. Many stationery suppliers today can offer online ordering, which is another way to improve efficiency. You can also pre-identify those who need to authorise orders, as well as setting limits on specific items to avoid any ambiguity.


Find a supplier willing to accommodate your needs

It may be that you’re looking to automate your stationery ordering – or that you prefer to order online, by email or over the phone. You may want to ensure that specific items cannot be ordered or to set monthly budget limits. You may wish to have split invoicing or one single invoice. Every business is different, and the key is to identify an office supplies provider who recognises this and is willing to work with what your specific enterprise needs to establish a positive ongoing relationship.


Choose a single supplier

The volume of work that is generated by working with multiple suppliers is inefficient and can waste a lot of time. It’s often easier to choose to work with a single supplier who understands your business and can deliver your order next day and provide one set of monthly online paperwork for your finance team to manage.

Finding the right stationery supplier for your office can help to ensure that your workforce always has the necessary office supplies – and could even improve operational efficiency too.

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