Essential office kitchen supplies for your workplace

14 February 2020

When setting up a new business, or simply establishing a new workplace environment after an office move, there are many things to consider, from furniture through to the décor. However, some of the things you need will be more important for everyday use for staff, as well as for any meetings you’d like to hold straight away, which is why we’ve put together a list of essential office kitchen supplies that you should get as soon as possible.


Coffee maker

Perhaps the first thing many employees will do before they get to their desk in the morning is to make themselves a cup of coffee. Most office workers will drink coffee throughout the day, and it’s great to be able to offer visitors a coffee too. A decent coffee machine such as a Jura coffee machine could make all the difference, taking the average instant coffee to a more sophisticated latte or cappuccino. We have a wide range of coffee makers to suit all office sizes and kitchen styles, and for the tea drinkers, there are some really stylish kettles that look great in any workplace kitchen, and cater for large capacities for when everyone seems to want a cup at once!


Cups and mugs

Of course, you can’t have coffee without mugs… and nice ones! Having attractive mugs and cups for your office will look good and make having that cup of tea or coffee during the day that bit more luxurious for your employees and guests. Even for drinking glasses, the glasses you choose can leave a good impression on those who are using them, and it makes office life enjoyable for everyone.


Fridge or mini fridge

A fridge and good kitchen storage is important for any office right from the start. From keeping drinks cold, to allowing employees to bring in their own food for lunch, this will make your office much more functional from the outset. Employees with easy access to food and cold drinks can be happier, and it makes a difference if they have the choice of bringing in their own food and drinks – especially if your office is too far from shops or cafés to pick up food, or if it’s expensive to do so.



Being hydrated throughout the day is really important.  One simple way you can support  this is to keep filled glass water bottles in the fridge, or better still have a water cooler that is used for the whole office. This will help remind your employees to drink enough to stay focused and hydrated, and allow everyone to help themselves to a lovely glass of cold, filtered water whenever they need it. The option that will best suit your business will  depend on the size of the workplace you’re catering for.

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