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Gen Re Faraday

Why did you need printed stationery and promotional items?

We use MBM Omega for the printing of all our corporate stationery such as headed paper and business cards. The quality is consistently high and the turnaround from order to delivery is always fast.

Over the years, we have purchased a whole raft of products from MBM Omega to use at our events including pens, drinking bottles, seminar folders. We’re always well looked after by our dedicated account executive. She is my ‘go to’ when I need to source a promotional product that’s just that bit different.

How did you undertake your search for a supplier of these products?

Our marketing team will have requirements for promotional items for our events and meetings. Together we will research and pool our ideas for the type of promotional item we’d like and then our first port of call is MBM Omega who will then source the best quality for the best price for a across a range of products. And better still they will come up with further product ideas for us to consider.

What made you choose our service over our competitors?

We have worked with MBM Omega for over 20 years and in that time, we have built a strong relationship with our Account Director and the team. During our quarterly meetings I always find he listens to me, understands our challenges and requirements and he often has recommendations on how to optimise MBM Omega’s services to benefit Gen Re Faraday.

Plus, what I really like is the way the team thinks outside the box to come up with original ideas.

Is there anything that might have prevented you from using our services?

Only our own budgets. Otherwise MBM Omega is who we go to for our business supplies.

Do the products meet/exceed your expectations?

Yes, the products are always really good quality.

What are the main benefits you’ve experienced as a result of using our service?

Hands down the wide range of products MBM Omega offers. Whenever I have asked for something the client services team will source what I need.

‘’The service that the MBM Omega team provides is exceptional. And that high level of service has never faltered in the 20 years we’ve been a client. I know I can depend on the team to supply me with the best products at the best price. But more than that, they go out of their way come up with fresh ideas. I know when I hear ‘leave it with me’ that MBM Omega will come back with some amazing suggestions and within budget.’’ – Facilities, Gen Re Faraday

CBRE Managed Services

CBRE is recognised as one of the leading facilities, energy and project management providers in the UK & Ireland, operating from a strategic network of regional offices.

CBRE’s strategy to deliver exceptional service to their customers is hugely dependent on the capability and delivery of their supply partners. Best value, innovation and exceptional performance are at the heart of their procurement strategy and their supply partners are chosen because they share CBRE’s passion for quality and service.

MBM Omega was appointed preferred supplier for office consumables in the UK because CBRE required a dynamic partner with the infrastructure, organisation and approach to service that caters for their current and future needs during a sustained period of high growth. In the last five years, CBRE’s turnover has grown at a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%. MBM Omega supplies over 300 CBRE locations, via their 11 UK-based distribution centres.

“When MBM Omega was appointed as a preferred supplier to CBRE, it was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate our ‘brighter business’ philosophy,” said James Morton, managing director of MBM Omega. “We offer our clients intelligent advice, best choice and added value by providing a single source for all the workplace supplies and services needed to help a business run smoothly and efficiently.”

CBRE’s procurement strategy is underpinned by effective systems, processes and governance. They look for suppliers who can proactively work with them to monitor and continuously improve performance. MBM Omega’s proactive account management programme and quarterly reviews ensure they meet those objectives.

Originally, the contract was purely for office consumables such as office supplies, cleaning and catering products but over the years it has expanded into new categories. Now, MBM Omega provides CBRE with office interiors, business catering, promotional merchandise, toner recycling and business print. They also offer a product sourcing service for a number of ‘special’ items. This saves CBRE the time, expense and effort of sourcing difficult to find items from multiple suppliers.

MBM Omega also works proactively with CBRE to help meet their environmental goals. Initiatives include the use of online ordering to reduce paper consumption as well as improving efficiency, monitoring the carbon footprint, the move to environmentally friendly and ethical products, plus support for CBRE’s CSR activities.

The ability to up-scale the supply chain has proved particularly important following the business merger between Norland Managed Services and CBRE. CBRE’s market-leading capabilities enable CBRE to self-perform technical engineering services for commercial buildings and to provide its clients with fully-integrated outsourcing services in Europe. To manage the opportunities this brings both parties, they need a solid supply partner who understands their requirements, will be proactive and can grow with them. MBM Omega are now working with both organisations and providing an increasingly wider range of products and services from their comprehensive portfolio.

Recent highlights from MBM Omega’s unique account management programme have included:

  • An extremely high percentage of expenditure channelled through contract products and services ensuring the most cost effective pricing model
  • Cost avoidance savings of over £25,000 over the last two years
  • Environmental consumption averaging 40% over 3 years
  • Expenditure per capita reduced by 45% over 3 years

“MBM Omega’s client focussed approach, provides a tailored and flexible service that truly meets our needs and which can easily expand to meet future growth plans,” commented CBRE.  “They share our passion for providing exceptional customer service, leaving us free to concentrate on our core business.”

MBM Omega holds the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2008 (quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (environment) accreditations.

Toyota (GB) PLC

Toyota (GB) PLC is the national marketing and sales company for Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the UK, responsible for all sales, marketing, after sales and customer relations issues nationwide.

The company’s headquarters are at Great Burgh, a purpose-built, landmark building near Epsom, Surrey, where all principal operations are co-ordinated by a staff of more than 400 people.

Mutually beneficial, long-term relationships, based on transparency and trust, form the core of the Toyota Group’s procurement strategy. They also expect high levels of innovation, flexibility, commercial competitiveness and a professional, yet personal, service. Given Toyota’s strong emphasis on the environmental and social aspects of business, robust, proven CSR credentials are essential.

In 2010, MBM Omega was invited to tender for Toyota (GB) PLC’s office consumables business. “It was a fantastic opportunity,” said James Morton, managing director of MBM Omega. “The RFP requirements meshed perfectly with our business model and philosophy and we were keen to work with a progressive and like-minded company like Toyota where we could quickly demonstrate value and build a strong relationship.”

The RFP covered the usual areas of competitiveness, financial stability, service and the ability to deliver consistently. It also required strong CSR credentials and stressed the need for a flexible, collaborative approach, proactive account management, new ideas and other less tangible, but important, qualities.

In response, MBM Omega was quick to illustrate several areas for immediate savings, and demonstrated how prices would be consistently reviewed and measured to provide transparent, ongoing cost management, leading to savings. Financial reports would be tailored and bespoke requirements catered for. Consistent high standards would be maintained through a defined service level agreement.

MBM Omega’s online ordering system was configured to allow Toyota to control purchasing among their 40+ users while providing a very flexible, user-friendly service. Full training and support is given on an ongoing basis while an annual survey provides valuable feedback on all aspects of the contract.

MBM Omega’s approach blended perfectly with Toyota’s quest for a supplier who would embrace their core value of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, and the contract was signed.

“MBM Omega has been Toyota (GB) PLC’s preferred supplier for office consumables since October 2010,” said Howard Miles, manager, purchasing services. “After a year of cementing the relationship we had little hesitation in renewing the contract. MBM Omega provides a highly responsive and efficient service. Key to our decision to extend the contract was their professional account management, competitive pricing, range of products and location. It’s important our suppliers have strong CSR credentials. MBM Omega has an extensive range of “green” alternatives and provides active support for our Green Month initiative. Overall, our partnership with MBM Omega has resulted in an improved level of service and a reduction in cost.”

Over the years other initiatives have been implemented. For example, deliveries are now twice weekly (with the option of next day and same day emergency delivery if required) enabling Toyota to reduce their carbon footprint. An employee purchase scheme has been implemented. Tailored communications ensure Toyota users are aware of new developments but are not swamped. MBM Omega has enabled Toyota to increase the amount of eco-friendly products ordered leading to a higher percentage of environmentally friendly products used as well as cost savings.

Howard Miles sums up the relationship. “A great supplier! Always looking forward and looking for opportunities – which we don’t always accept, but we appreciate their open and positive approach to business. They listen and then act. They deliver the right product to the right place on time. Errors are few and far between. I hear no ‘noise’ from the business – which is a good thing. I like the business model. It’s an improvement on what we had previously. Costs are being managed well and we are increasing our use of environmentally friendly products. Am I glad we chose them? The answer is yes.”