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Why you should be cleaning your office more regularly

April 14, 2022
The return to work ‘post-covid’ is now well under way. However, for many employees concerns and fears remain that could impact the way that people […] Read more >

5 benefits of a well-stocked office kitchen

November 24, 2021
A well-stocked office kitchen says a lot about a business and its culture. From boosting staff morale to a very tangible investment in helping staff […] Read more >

5 easy swaps to sustainable purchasing

October 21, 2021
Switching to a more sustainable approach generates advantages for every business today, from the impact this has on employee morale to the cost benefits. However, […] Read more >

How investing in your office furniture impacts on productivity

October 7, 2021
The environment that you create for your employees has never been more important. There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that the right space […] Read more >

Office recycling tips for businesses

September 30, 2021
Committing to recycling your office waste can make a big difference to the impact that your organisation has on the environment. When you make a […] Read more >

How the super-deduction tax can be highly beneficial for your business

September 16, 2021
Economic recovery has been at the forefront of conversations for the past year and the government has taken many steps towards making that simpler and […] Read more >

Online system facelift with new product eco-rating – coming soon

September 1, 2021
Our B2B online ordering system is getting a makeover with our web design agency working on some added functionality and features. Some of these include: […] Read more >

Carbon Neutral print solution

August 25, 2021
We have implemented a new Printing as a Service (PaaS) estimating system in-house which enables our team to produce a quote for your print requirements […] Read more >

Workdesk assessment guide

August 20, 2021
Your workspace, and the way that it is set up, will have a big impact on your daily experience. Anyone who is using display screen […] Read more >