5 easy swaps to sustainable purchasing

21 October 2021

Switching to a more sustainable approach generates advantages for every business today, from the impact this has on employee morale to the cost benefits. However, it can mean changing heavily ingrained habits and processes, and many organisations simply don’t know where to start. If you’re looking to move to a model of more sustainable purchasing then here are 5 easy swaps to get you started.

Switch to LED lightbulbs

LED lights are officially one of the most energy-efficient technologies out there and you can not only make your purchasing more sustainable but also reduce costs by making this shift. You’ll get the same light as you would from other types of lightbulbs but an LED bulb will use up to 75% less energy and lasts 25% longer than regular light bulbs.

Use recycled printing paper

Yes, many offices are seeking to go paperless in the near future but for now there are still many reasons to keep our printers going. With that in mind, using recycled printer paper can make a big difference to how sustainable your overall purchasing strategy is. 100% recycled copy paper is a choice that has an impact in a number of different ways, including reducing energy and water consumption and minimising the need for creating new paper products from virgin forests.

Switch to refillable pens

If you’ve ever been concerned at how many disposable pens your office throws away every year then you’ll instantly see the impact that a purchasing decision like this can make. Refillable pens are usually made from natural materials and BPA-free plastics. Using ink refills in recyclable packaging means that you’re not creating more waste every time something like a biro runs out of ink. Instead, your team can simply grab a refill, reducing cost, waste and landfill at the same time.

Opt for recycled toilet paper

Toilet rolls are a major expense for any business with premises – and not one that we can reasonably ask staff to either stop using, or use less of. Rather than continuously buying toilet rolls that are made from virgin paper, change your purchasing to the recycled option instead. Gone are the days when recycled toilet paper felt lower quality – today it often feels comparable to regular toilet paper but has cost benefits, as well as being a more sustainable purchasing choice. If you’re not keen on recycled paper then 100% bamboo toilet roll is also a more sustainable option.

Provide your staff with reusable cups

Another big cost for offices is the way that basics, such as tea and coffee, are offered to employees and visitors. Instead of continuously paying for plastic cups – and the disposal of those cups – invest in a reusable option that staff can simply wash up and then refill. This will not only improve green credentials but significantly reduce the waste your premises has to deal with too.

If you’re keen to opt for more sustainable purchasing, making these easy swaps is a great way to get started. We offer existing clients a free green audit – contact us to find out more…