5 benefits of a well-stocked office kitchen

24 November 2021

A well-stocked office kitchen says a lot about a business and its culture. From boosting staff morale to a very tangible investment in helping staff make healthier choices it’s a simple way to have a big impact on the day-to-day environment in which your workforce operates. Not only that but one survey found that a full office kitchen can benefit employees and help a business reach its goals. These are the key advantages to investing in a well-stocked office kitchen for your business.

  1. Employees value comfort and perks. Although pay and benefits are certainly important, that’s not all employees value and they don’t contribute a lot to daily happiness levels. A  kitchen that is regularly replenished is an inviting place where employees can stop and have a chat, take a short break and fuel up on snacks to help them stay productive. While around 56% of employees are happy or extremely happy with their job, the number reporting job satisfaction shoots up to 67% where free snacks and treats are on offer.
  2. Creating the conditions for productivity. Kitchens brimming with choice  will get staff out of their seats on a regular basis, encouraging essential movement that can help to avoid muscular aches and pains. It is recommended that we all get a screen break and move around at least every hour and a well-stocked office kitchen is the ideal motivation to help people do this. The end result? Fresher eyes and minds and more productive outcomes. Plus, staff don’t have to leave the office to get what they need.
  3. People feel looked after. This simple and relatively cheap perk makes staff feel very valued and this can have a positive impact on morale. It’s an easy way to show your gratitude to your staff and give them somewhere that they can have a break and enjoy a treat if they’re having a bad day or need a little boost. 73% of office workers said that a fully loaded  kitchen would make them happier at work, which is a statistic that is difficult to argue with. If you want a quick way to boost positivity levels in the office then stock up the office kitchen.
  4. Helping employees to make healthy choices. Fruit, healthy snacks and treats can help motivate your workforce to make better choices when it comes to the way that they fuel their bodies. Many of the healthier options make it much easier to retain focus and alertness and to avoid energy slumps during the day. So, employees will feel better and productivity is likely to be higher too.
  5. Show future employees you mean business. The office kitchen is also a great way to demonstrate values, especially to those you might be looking to attract into the company. For example, you might invest in organic or plant milks, locally sourced fruit or vegan snacks. Catering to different dietary requirements can also indicate that the business values inclusion and diversity.

A well-stocked kitchen can be a real asset for any business – these are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy. MBM Omega provide a wide range of office catering supplies and services from your everyday essentials right through to high profile events. Get in touch with our experienced Catering  Team to find out how we can assist your business.